What is DLC count(Differential leukocytes count) | DLC count in Medical

What is Differential leukocytes count? 

DLC test,Differntial leukocytes count
What is DLC count, Differential leukocytes count .

Hello friend , here I am describe something about DLC, “What is DLC count, Differential leukocytes count “DLC Test and what is the normal range of DLC count. Let’s start-

    What is DLC count ?

    The DLC full name is differential leukocyte count it is hematological department test for this test we take blood sample in lavender(EDTA) vial this is the test of differential types of white blood cell count in human body for the counting of differential leucocyte reaper form DLC account in DLC count normally neutrophil ,eosinophil,Basophils,lymohocyte and monocytes are visual. 

    This test is done For the morphological structure of blood cell .This blood test is give us ideas about white blood cell which white blood cells is is increase or which types of white blood cells are decrease in our body.

    Normal DLC range or value 

    • Neutrophil–50-65%
    • Lymphocyte –20-35%
    • Monocyte –2-8%
    • Eosinophil –1-4 or 6%
    • Basophil–0-1%

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    Types of Differential leukocytes ?

    DLC differential leukocyte count is divided in 2 parts
    2.A Granulocyte or non granulocyte 

    1.Granulocytes:- In granulocyte having visible granules aur grains inside the cells.
    In this Granules are present in the cell. In Granulocyte there are three cells are visual-

    2.Non-Granulocyte:- In non-granulocytes free of visible grains under the microscope or granules are not visible inside the cells .In non-granulocyte there are two cells are visual –

    What is DLC count, Differential leukocytes count

    What is Neutrophil? 

    Most common types of white blood cell account for 62% of leukocytes.
    Multilobed nucleus are present.
    Medium size white blood cells.
    Its contain very fine cytoplasmic granules.
    It’s diameter about 10-12 micrometer.
    The lifespan of neutrophil is 6 hours to
    few days.
    It is also known as PMN(polymorphonuclear) because it have a variety of nuclear shapes.

    What is the function of neutrophil-

    There are many functions of metro sale but I described here some functions of neutrophil – Danny Trophy kills microbes like bacteria it kills bacteria through the process of phagocytosis( process to kill the microbes like bacteria). And neutrophil also release a brust of superoxide that have ability to kill many bacteria at the same time.

    What is DLC count, Differential leukocytes count

    What is Eosinophil?

    It is the  types of white blood cell and it have large nucleus.Nucleus is divided into two lobes( bilobed nucleus )with thin chromatin.In this eosinophil granules colour is pinkish(pink) or reddish(red).
    its diameter of 10 to 12 micrometre and
    Its accounts for 2.3 % and it’s life span of 8 to 12 days.

    Functions of Eosinophil –

    Eosinophil  kills bacteria, parasites and have a role in allergic reactions.Its also release toxins from their granules to kill pathogen.

    What is DLC count, Differential leukocytes count

    What is basophil?

    It is also a types of white blood cells.it is covered by many granules that’s colour is blue or purple.it is very colourful when stainned and looked under the microscope. They have a pole nucleus that is usually hidden by granules. Bi-lobed or tri-lobed nucleus are presented in Baseball.Its
    diameter of 12-15 micrometre and its lifespan of few hours to few days.

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    What is the function of basophil?

    Its function in allergic reaction secret anticoagulant and antibodies that have function against hypersensitivity rejections in the blood stream. Basophil contain histamine which dilates the vessels to bring more immune cells to the area of injury. Basophils also secret repairing which is an anticoagulant that promotes mobility of other WBCs by preventing clotting.

    What is DLC count, Differential leukocytes count

    What is lymphocyte? 

    Lymphocyte  is a type of white blood cell that is small rounded cell.In this the rounded nucleus are present.Its account for 30% and its diameter of 7-8 micrometre (small lymphocyte)  and 12-15 micrometre (larger lymphocyte). The life span of lymphocyte is years for memory cell and weeks for all else.

    What is the function of lymphocytes-

    T lymphocytes t cells are responsible for cell mediated immunity. B Lymphocytes are responsible for humoral immunity aur antibodies production. They can recognize and have a memory of invading bacteria and viruses. It is destroying cancer cells they present antibody antigen to active other cells of the immune system.

    What is DLC count, Differential leukocytes count

    What is Monocytes? 

    Monocytes is the largest of the types of white blood cell.It have kidney shaped nucleus are present.The diameter of monocyte about 15-30 micrometre and it accounts for 5.3%.Its lifespan of few hours to few days.

    What is the function of monocyte?

    Monocytes enters the tissue where they become larger and turn into macrophages. And monocytes also destroy all old, damaged and dead cells in the body.

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