What is Anticoagulant ? What is the uses of anticoagulant.

 What is Anticoagulant ? What is the uses of anticoagulant. 

Anticoagulants are chemical which is removed calcium from the blood and doesn’t allow to clot(fibrinogen).

           There are many anticoagulant which is used in hematology department as below –

  • Double oxaloacetate
  • EDTA(Ethylene di-amine tetra acidic acid) 
  • Tri sodium citrate 
  • Heparin
  • Sodium fluoride 

1). Double oxaloacetate :– Double oxalate in use potassium oxaloacetate & ammonium oxaloacetate. This anticoagulant removes free calcium ions from the blood. It is use in HB count and RBCs count. 

2). EDTA :– Ethylene di-amine tetra acidic acid. It is commonly 3 types used in hematology for CBC estimation. 

  • Tri potassium EDTA
  • Di sodium EDTA
  • Di lithium EDTA

3). Tri sodium citrate :– This is most commonly used for coagulant disorder and ESR estimation. The ratio of blood is 1:4 & 1:9 .

4). Heparin :– It is an anticoagulant which is present in human body. It is also known as thinner. Heparin act as anti-thrombin to prevent blood clot. It is used for HCT estimation, L.E cell counter. 

      L. E cell – Lupus erythromatic cell 

Anti-thrombin – It is a natural habbit which doesn’t allow to clot. 

5). Sodium fluoride :– It is an anticoagulant and preservatives that used for blood sugar estimation. 

  What is clotting factor? The clotting factor of blood. 

The Clotting factor helps to clot the blood .There are 13 factor of coagulation. 

Factor 1. Fibrinogen 

Factor 2. Prothrombin 

Factor 3. Thrombin 

Factor 4. Calcium 

Factor 5. Proaccelerin 

Factor 6. No exit 

Factor 7. Pro convertin (stabilizing factor). 

Factor 8. Anti-hemofilic factor (AHF) – due to hemophilia 

Factor 9. Plasma thromboplastin (Christmas factor). 

Factor 10. Stuard or power factor. 

Factor 11. Plasma thromboplastin anticedent. 

Factor 12. Hegaman factor 

Factor 13. Fibrin stabilizing factor 


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