What is ESR? How we perform manually ESR test

 What is ESR? 

Hello friends how are you.. Hope you are well .Today I am telling you about ESR in simple words hope you understand 
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                             So let’s start First we know what is ESR. Settle down of RBCs at the end of 1st hour. 
What is ESR. What is ESR test and it's full form
What is ESR. 

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Method Name-

1) Wintrobes tube method 
2) Western green pipette method 

How we perform ESR test? 

1) Wintrobes tube – It is about 11cm long and it’s pour diameter is about 2.5 me. 

Test procedure –

  1. First we take a clean and dry wintrobes tube. 
  2. After that take EDTA(Ethylene di-amine tetra acidic acid) blood up to 10 marks of wintrobes tube .
  3. And allow to stand for 1 hour. 
  4. After 1hr read the result.

Normal range –

In male – 0-15 mm/hr

Female – 0-20 mm/hr

2) Western green pipette – It is about 30cm long and it’s pour diameter is about 2.5mm.It is both side open. 

Test procedure –

  1. First we take clean and dry pipette. 
  2. And take 0.4 ml tri sodium citrate (3.8%) and 1.6 ml blood and mix well. 
  3. After that fill the pipette up to 20 marks and allow to stand for 1hr(hour).
  4. After 1hr read the result. 

Normal range of ESR-

  • In Male – 0-15mm/hr.
  • In Female – 0-20mm/hr.

Clinical significant (C/s) –

In tuberculosis 

  1. Headache 
  2. Chronic disease 
  3. Fever 
  4. Cough & cold 

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